The Distrio

  • Proven track record in the global movement of regulated cannabis products
  • Enterprise pharma expertise in product development, quality assurance, and marketing
  • Deep ties to the cannabis and hemp industry and decades of experience in the international regulatory journey


Meet Our Team

A Global Partner

  • Licensed cultivation, processing, extraction, manufacturing, and distribution facilities in Canada, the United States, the EU, and Oceana
  • Portfolio of Canadian LPs qualified to ship GACP and euGMP flower, finished goods, and regulated cannabis derivatives around the world
  • Pharma scale processing and extraction with a network of USDA certified hemp farms delivering high grade biomass, full spectrum crude, distillates, and T-free isolates

Providing Cannabis and Hemp Derived APIs & Finished Goods

  • Finished Goods – Natural Health, Novel Foods, Cosmetics, Nutraceuticals, Pharmaceuticals
  • THC, CBD, CBG, CBN derivatives and isolates
  • Biomass, Packaged Flower, Refined Oils, and Distillate
  • Full Spectrum Crude Oil to Synthetic Cannabinoids


The Distrio sources and delivers cannabis and hemp derived APIs across the global cannabinoid supply chain. We are a business network with deep experience in the global trade of legal cannabis and hemp-derived APIs. We use regulatory expertise, technical ability, and sales and marketing know-how to help clients up and down the cannabinoid supply chain bring products to market and get to revenue faster.
As a Supply Chain Accelerator, we focus on product commercialisation and revenue acceleration through materials sourcing, QA, logistics and regulatory support, and the commercial seed-to-sales process. The Distrio grew from a local presence in prime growing regions of British Columbia and southwestern Ontario, to regulatory, logistics, and finance operations in eastern Canada and a global network of qualified partners capable of moving legal cannabis and hemp-derived APIs around the world. Our global list of partners is growing every week.
We connect procurement teams, quality assurance teams, innovation teams, category managers, and manufacturing organisations from industries such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food ingredients with insight into cultivation and materials procurement, product and producer operations, quality control and laboratory processes, and channel sales and marketing opportunities. Our goal is clear: We want every customer in the global cannabinoid supply chain to Trust Your Supply.

Supplier & Procurement Qualification

GACP Status
EU GMP Status
GAP Analysis 
Stability Testing
Company Presentation 
Cultivars  Selection

  • Strains currently grown 
  • Strains with stability data 
  • Grow-to-Spec Offerings

QA Team Reviews

Team Profiling
Introduction to QA lead
Introduction to QP
QA Process
QA Checklist
Site Inspection process

  • Duties and objectives 
  • Desired personnel
  • Travel

Negotiation and Documentation

Buyer/Seller Profile Presentation
RFP Presentation
Legal Agreements
Term Sheets
Supply Agreements
Contract Negotiations

Technical and Logistics



Project Management

Business and Financial Track Process
QA Track Process
Operational Track Process
Regulatory Track Process
Sales Track Process
Technology Track Process




We connect international buyers and sellers of cannabis and hemp derived APIs and finished goods.

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